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  • Bio Identical Hormones
    Bio-Identical Hormones
  • Chelation Therapy for Cancer
    Chelation Therapy
  • Colon Therapy
    Colon Therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Health Conditions
    Health Conditions
  • iVitamin Bar
    IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Medical Weight Loss
    Medical Weight Loss
  • Mystery Illnesses
    Mystery Illnesses
  • Peroxide Therapy
    Peroxide Therapy
  • Sensitiv imago
    Sensitiv Imago

*Disclaimer:  Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors and these results should not be expected or anticipated. Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your physician or healthcare provider. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

At Utopia Wellness, your treatment plan will vary based on your individualized needs and could include:

The Intensive Medical Program at Utopia Wellness focuses not only on the disease, but also on the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking for a non-toxic alternative that treats you holistically, Utopia Wellness is the facility you are looking for. Call us today at 727-799-9060. Our Patient Care Coordinator is waiting to tell you more about our innovative approach and schedule your initial consultation.


The IVitamin Bar at Utopia Wellness is an exciting new paradigm in integrative and functional medicine, allowing us to both prevent and help treat a wide variety of conditions safely and effectively.