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Patient Stories


Former Cancer Patient

“Thank you Dr. Garcia and Staff for all of your support in helping me become a graduate student.”


Basal Cell Survivor

Dave has endured 4 different cancers over the past 40 years and is now a Basal Cell survivor. He wants to share his experience at Utopia Wellness.


Former Hepatitis C Patient

Nancy successfully beat Hepatitis C and wanted to share her story on how she dealt with this disease through a natural and holistic approach at Utopia Wellness.


Weight Loss Patient

“I would like to speak about Belinda Alonso, “my” Certified Holistic Nutritionist at Utopia Wellness. Under Belinda’s guidance, I have achieved amazing weight loss results and a much healthier body and life style.”


Breast Cancer Survivor

Cathy is a 6 year breast cancer survivor and wanted to share her success story.


Melanoma Survivor

Jennifer suffered from Melanoma when she found Utopia Wellness. She wanted to share her story.


Breast Cancer Survivor

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, Amy decided to try Utopia’s natural approach before undergoing chemotherapy.


Colon Cancer Survivor

Colon Cancer patient tried traditional treatments but they failed to prevent the spread of cancer. She has found renewed hope of a life free of cancer.


Melanoma Survivor

After failed attempts at treating her cancer traditionally with surgery, this survivor found Utopia Wellness and wanted to share her story.

Mary Z.

Former Cancer Patient

My name is Mary Z. I’m 73 years old. I was first diagnosed with cancer about 3 years ago. They found it in the duct of my left breast, and although the doctor suggested a lumpectomy, I opted to have a double mastectomy.

Pam Norris

From my first phone call with Mark, to my goodbyes this morning, I’ve been impressed with Utopia Wellness and Dr. Garcia. Everyone was so warm and friendly to me. My overall experience was very positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Utopia Wellness to anyone. I only wish I could have stayed longer to take advantage of the many treatments they offer. Thank you so much Dr. Garcia, Mark and staff members! Truly a great experience.

Nancy W.

Former Cancer Patient

“In March of 2007 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I had 10 out of 12 chemotherapy treatments. I had to stop the chemo because my head would swell so bad I felt like I was choking all the time.”

Cynthia Gordon-Floyd

I recently completed 8 weeks of care at Utopia Wellness. I have multiple myeloma and my journey at Utopia was nothing short of life-changing and amazing. I am not yet cancer free but I am significantly on my way to this wonderful outcome solely because of the loving care, skilled treatment and education I received from Dr. Garcia and the highly professional and caring staff at Utopia Wellness. Dr. Garcia is a gift. A truly kind man with a deep concern for each patient’s overall wellness. The clinic environment is calming and therapeutic and all of the great treatments I received from IV therapies, colon therapy, lymphatic massage therapy, and more healed my body in a natural, non-evasive, and logical manner – trusting our bodies to heal is just good common sense. The psychological sessions helped me come to terms with many life situations that I had allowed to stunt the processing of my immune system. I truly was the cause of my cancer and through God’s help, I have been the catalyst to my recovery. I’m feeling so much better, my pain has diminished drastically AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I didn’t suffer through my treatment with crazy side effects and long-term physical damage. I’m well and I’m whole. If you are bold enough to take the step forward outside of the mainstream treatments, there is treasure & abundant life waiting for you at Utopia. Please don’t wait any longer. You matter!

Karen Garel

I have survived my cancer without conventional chemo and radiation. Two years ago I originally was treated for a “high-grade”(fast growing) breast cancer by alternative advanced medicine. Despite the pressure, guilt and humiliation I received from “concerned” oncologists, I researched my alternatives and elected to ignore conventional methods of treatment. I had basically been “on my own” as most conventional doctors did not respect my decision. I recently researched and found Utopia Wellness Center here in Florida. My goal was and is to keep my immune system at it’s optimal level of health to prevent a return of illness due to a compromised immune system. My experience at the centre was a total 5star and more. I found Dr. Garcia to be very concerned with my condition. He is highly educated and explained to me a treatment plan. He expects you to follow protocol to get the best results. The idea of alternative advanced medicine is to place your whole body in its highest level of health, hence, creating an atmosphere where disease cannot survive. My goal is to keep my body healthy by diet, exercise, meditation and visiting Utopia Wellness center for the extra “immune boost” I feel to be so important. The centers staff are all extremely professional, friendly, efficient and acknowledge all of their patients by name.

Victoria Rosenthal

Having been treated by numerous alternative healthcare providers both in New York City and in Florida, I am very familiar with this branch of medicine. I have been extraordinarily pleased with Utopia Wellness. Dr. Carlos Garcia is both an impressive physician with awesome diagnostic skills and just simply an amazing human being, he is highly knowledgeable and yet incredibly accommodating, listening carefully to his patients, going out of his way to supply thorough explanations, and ultimately providing carefully individualized therapies to treat both your medical issues and your whole being with amazing results. The staff at Utopia Wellness is exceptional, they are highly professional and yet so caring and attentive to their patients it is remarkable. I have been a patient of Utopia Wellness for more than a year and cannot possibly recommend this amazing facility and Dr. Garcia highly enough. If your mainstream doctors refuse to listen and insist on treating you with cookie cutter medical practices that fail to solve your problems, run, do not walk, to Utopia Wellness and find your path back to health and feeling terrific!

Phil Rands

I’m pretty proactive when it comes to taking care of myself. What makes this clinic unique is Dr Garcia, he has all the conventional training and experience yet he takes an alternative approach where possible. I’ve been able to avoid some pretty harsh treatment and RX’s long term as a result of this very dedicated Dr’s direction. With a caring, experienced staff the clinic is also warm and inviting. Thank You Dr Garcia and staff, you all are a big part of why I’m healthy today!

Ann R.

iVitamin Bar Client

“I just wanted to say thank you for the vitamin IV treatment yesterday. I am feeling sooooooo much better!

Kelli Kingsbury

Utopia Wellness is courage + love + hope = healing. If you have the courage to step away from traditional cancer treatment then Utopia Wellness is the place to be. The facility is state of the art. The staff are knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Garcia has a unique way of treating cancer from the inside out. Bring an open mind along with your body and your spirit.

Lana Johnson

This is a beautiful, welcoming facility with a positive and friendly staff! The natural approach to healing makes complete sense. You are the only one who can heal you, and they give you the tools to do just that. In every moment here, you feel hope!

Wendy Scholz

For five years i have suffered with 15-20 anxiety attacks per day , depression most of the day , and fear. I have had my own lawn maintenance business for 32 years and somewhat of a workaholic until all of these symptoms started up. Through these 5 years I’ve seen 6 doctors, went to Citrus hospital and even drove all the way to Shands hospital and no body had a clue. Every doctor had the same aproach pills, pills, pills and nothing was working! By the grace of God my wife was talking to a stranger about my episodes and that stranger highly recommended Utopia Wellness. Utopia got me right in and diagnosed me with a high level of Mercury poisoning. After 8 chelation treatments Dr. Garcia dropped my Mercury level. from a toxic level of 21 to 4. Let me tell you I’m back on top of the world. No more anxiety, depression, or fear. Im back to loving my job again and life is once again wonderful. The wellness clinic is a one of a kind facility, the Doctor and all the staff are caring and loving. Its all about getting to the core of the problem and not just treating the symptoms, which takes time but definitely gets you better. The reason I put this on Facebook is to inform those who have problems and cant find solutions. THANK GOD for Utopia Wellness.

Hermon Ash

This is the care that you have been longing for. Their facility and all of their people are some of the most caring, nicest people that you will ever meet on this earth. I thank God that they came into my life.

Mary Wallschlaeger

The Best alternative clinic, that teaches you how to heal rom Cancer. Dr. Garcia and staff are the best!!! I was totally healed from breast cancer, and will be eternally grateful for all I learned, and of Course to the Great physician, who guided me through this whole journey.

Kori A.

Breast Cancer

Michelle P.

Breast Cancer

Aaron D.



Thyroid Cancer


Sarcoma Cancer

Lawrence B.

Satisfied Cancer Patient


Breast Cancer


Bladder Cancer

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