Sensitiv Imago

The Sensitiv Imago is a computer-based, health diagnostic tool that was designed based upon the science of bio-resonance and bio-feedback.

Sensitiv Imago
The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago combines latest technology with incredible accuracy (up to 97%). Sensitiv Imago system is the latest noninvasive machine created to simplify diagnostics and treatment. Bioresonance is the medicine of the future, being noninvasive, reliable solution to detect changes on a cellular level in very early stage, before major pathological changes occurred.

The Sensitiv Imago is a computer-based, health diagnostic tool that was designed based upon the science of bio-resonance and bio-feedback. Every cellular and organ structure of the human body has its own individual vibration or resonance spectrum; its own bioelectronic signature. Every microorganism, cell, and organ manifests a separate, identifiable, and specific frequency range. By determining the frequency oscillation spectrum through the bio-feedback with the cells and organs, we can identify healthy or unhealthy cells and organ processes in the body of the patient as well as the presence of unwanted microorganisms.

The bio resonances evaluated by the Sensitiv Imago machine measure magnetic vortexes (Non-Linear Signals (NLS)[that is, circular signals]) throughout the human body, piece by piece and references computerized results against data that has been collected from both healthy and sick people alike over many decades – known as NLS Diagnostics.

With the Sensitiv Imago, we can scan the body with a high level of accuracy and find disease processes already at play as well as the level of distortion (Homeostasis Breakdown) of systems, organs, tissues and cells. With this information we can start identifying one or more existing disease processes. This gives us the option to correct the illness and support the human body allowing it to return to its natural state of Homeostasis (good health and internal equilibrium).

Our Sensitiv Imago’s software and database program allows us to obtain a rapid diagnosis and identify the cause-effect connections of pathological processes in the body. The Sensitiv Imago’s computerized data analysis is capable of: making predictions regarding the probable development of disease(s) the patient may experience within the next 1-5 years, determining internal microbial activity (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and their localization, detecting allergens and contaminants, determining the degree of current biochemical Homeostasis within the body, assisting the clinician in choosing the most effective medications and natural additives and creating an effective dietary regime to assist healing and health maintenance.

Capabilities of the Sensitiv Imago

Identifying cause-and-effect relationships between different processes in the human body. This enables us to identify the root cause of the presenting problem and perceive ways to solve the problem. To produce better and faster results, with fewer side effects for the patient. In complicated cases, identifying the weakest systems and organs and offer therapeutic possibilities for help. Pointing our attention to other possible diagnoses, even ones less obvious.

Allows the evaluation of pathological stages according to the principles of Homotoxicology. This shows the direction or course of the pathological process and whether it is at initial development (in adaptation), or at a more advanced stage (in decompensation). The feature is indispensable as it gives an accurate vision of the whole body and suggests possible ways to effectively help systems and organs.

One of the main Sensitiv Imago methodologies in identifying microorganisms, which allows one to quickly detect the presence of various viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc., but also identify their type and level of activity, and identifying allergens, both active and latent.

How the Sensitiv Imago Works

The operation of the Sensitiv Imago machine incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. Firstly, it utilizes the principle of bio-resonance in combination with NLS methodology for the analysis of the survey results. In combination with the unique system of bistable analyzers’ (SBA) sensor technology that further enables accurate readings of quantum characteristics from the systems and organs of the patient. The SBA sensors exemplify the scientific sophistication making this equipment unique in the class of quantum diagnostics.

The core principle used by the Sensitiv Imago technology is Quantum (sub-atomic) Entropy (the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity [e.g. the Universe is cooling down and heading towards 0 Kelvin {-275 Celsius}]). Life, which requires the building and maintaining of molecular information and structure, is the reverse of entropy. Life is warm, active, and generates energies that are variously emitted and can be detected and evaluated.

The key to diagnosis relating to health is to read the current state of the biological processes occurring within cells and organs using Quantum Entropy references against a database of collected knowledge. When measuring magnetic vortexes, the observation is that vortexes with a right spin (North Magnetic Field) take on information and in the process their structures build and stabilize, whereas, vortexes with a stronger left spin (South Magnetic Field) lose information, leading to breakdown and collapse.

We know that stable biological and physiological tissues and systems are controlled by information shared within the body. (This information is a compilation of energy at the quantum level, electrical level, chemical level, and mechanical level.) Thus, if the information available for vibrant life is leaking away (left spin vortex = South Magnetic Field), this eventually causes the related controlled structure(s) to collapse, becoming unstable and breaking down. During the breakdown process, orderliness is replaced by bioelectronic noise and distortion.

How Do We Use The Information Provided By The Sensitiv Imago

The information provided is copious and facilitates the discovery of areas under stress within the body being evaluated. Like many of our current technologies (EEG, EKG, CT, MRI, PET) the Sensitiv Imago is in no way absolute in its conclusions. The Sensitiv Imago yields a high degree of suspicion as to what is wrong and what may happen to the patient should no changes and interventions be applied. Changes indicated may include medication(s), detoxification, nutrition, supplementation, specific exercise programs, addressing emotional or social issues, and others.

Clearly, the Sensitiv Imago is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that requires interpretation by an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. One can state that the greatest limitation to this technology is its interpreter. To this extent, Dr. García has traveled extensively to learn from the best Imago practitioners worldwide. Dr. Garcia is very pleased to be able to bring this cutting-edge technology to you and your healthcare.

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