Herbal Medicine

Herbalism is defined as the art and science of proficiently collecting, preparing, and using herbs to provide support and wellness to the body.

Herbal Medicine

Herbalism is defined as the art and science of proficiently collecting, preparing, and using herbs to provide support and wellness to the body. The use of herbs and plants have been the basis for medical treatment throughout human history and are well documented historically going back over 5,000 years.

The use of herbs in Western Medicine is aimed at supporting the healthy constitution and functions of the body. Herbal medicines are used to increase vitality, balance and longevity. The real power of herbs is their ability to provide support to and aid in the body’s own healing power.

Herbs are beneficial to the overall health of a person in so many ways. They can increase immunity, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and may help prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

At Utopia, the focus is on the overall health of the individual, rather than focusing merely on the particular ailment or disease the patient is suffering with. The use of herbs is an integral part of our program as it can address so many factors and symptoms related to the disease.

Herbal medicines come in many forms and formulations. They can be fresh or dried, powdered or liquid. Herbs can be compounded into pills, capsules, and extracts as well as teas and syrups. They can be consumed orally or applied to the skin in the form of poultices, salves, liniments, lotions and oils.

There are many herbs available over-the-counter, however, we believe the assistance of a trained professional can provide safer and more effective results. An experienced clinical herbalist can ensure the herbs used are suitable for you and your needs while avoiding possible interactions with any medications you may be taking.

It is very important to understand the relationship between herbs and the body’s constitution in order to accomplish your goals. Herbs are energetically hot, cold, wet, or dry. Likewise, a person can be energetically hot, cold, wet or dry. As such, the effect of a particular herb will vary from person to person. For instance, if you are a hot, angry or agitated person and you consume a hot stimulating herb, you are likely going to worsen the issues you are looking to lessen. A trained herbalist can aid in combining herbs that can cool and calm your system to allow for that hot herb to positively impact the body.

Herbal formulas are often just one aspect of a well-rounded wellness plan; healthy food choices, exercise, sleep, and meditation are other important pieces of the puzzle that will maximize the effectiveness of any formula recommend. External applications are considered, too: herbal and mineral baths (including hand and foot baths), massage, and external aromatherapy are other great supportive healing modalities as well.

All these aspects being taken into consideration is why having a Herbal Consultation with a Clinical Herbalist is SO important. The goal is to look at the whole picture of health and wellbeing vs just targeting a symptom of the problem. During your first visit, your Clinical Herbalist will gather information about your past health history, review lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, discuss your health concerns, and have an opportunity to discuss goals for your future health. Possibly the greatest benefit from an herbal consultation is that you will receive a wellness plan and a blend of herbs specifically formulated for you. Your constitution, your life history, and your personal goals as well as type of product (i.e., extracts, powders, teas, or capsules) are considered when creating a formula.

An experienced Clinical Herbalist can help make sure the herbs used are appropriate for you and your needs. The self-care nature of herbalism empowers you to care for yourself and better understand and care for your body.

**Herbal Wellness is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. All pregnant women must talk to their doctors.**

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