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Colon Therapy

Colon Therapy

Detoxify your body with COLON therapy.

A simple series of colon cleansing treatments can help to restore your vitality. Often after one cleansing, many Utopia Wellness colon therapy clients report increased energy, improved concentration, and clearer skin. The health of your colon is vitally linked to your health and well-being, which is why colon therapy is so important to the professionals of Utopia Wellness —and so crucial for our clients to access.

Colon Therapy is an integral part of a detoxification program. You know how important it is to keep your body clean on the outside. But what about the inside? Internally, your body is continually at work to keep itself clean. Your skin, liver, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system and colon perform together to keep toxins and waste moving through naturally. It is easy to take this delicate balance for granted—until you feel the early effects of things going wrong. Where did you pick up those aches and pains? How did your adult skin develop blemishes? Why do you feel so tired these days? Headaches, backaches, bloating, even sciatic pain can often be traced to toxicity. Just as your car needs cleaning inside and outside to serve you best, so does your body. That is why periodic detoxifying and cleansing is vital to your health. This process should begin with your colon.


Experts agree that your colon might hold the key to your overall health. When it is working well, your colon helps digest and absorb essential nutrients while it passes waste and toxins through your body. When the combined effects from years of excess sugars, fried or fatty foods, and a low—fiber diet takes its toll on your body, it begins with your colon. Waste material remains in your colon longer than it should, which causes it to become impacted and begin decaying. As a result, your colon absorbs more of the toxins from the waste material and sends those toxins to your bloodstream.

As a result of this detoxification process you begin to feel sluggish and weak. Over time, the impacted material will likely affect the muscular action of your colon, thus causing sporadic bowel movements (constipation, diarrhea, or both) and other complications.


A simple series of colon cleansing treatments can help to restore your vitality. Often after one cleansing, many Utopia Wellness colon therapy clients report increased energy, improved concentration, and clearer skin.

The health of your colon is vitally linked to your health and well-being, which is why colon therapy is so important to the professionals of Utopia Wellness —and so crucial for our clients to access.


As the stage of the human food processing system, your colon moves about two gallons of Liquids and foods through your body each day. Today’s processed foods and everyday stress reduce the colon’s efficiency in eliminating waste and toxins. The result for many of us is that partially decomposed waste and hardened fecal matter can form a crust on the colon’s walls—a near-perfect environment for toxins and harmful bacteria to thrive. Little wonder, then, that so many health practitioners and professional recommend colon therapy.

As practiced by Utopia Wellness, the gentle science of colon hydrotherapy brings you several health-enhancing benefits.

Your colon is cleansed

Long-present debris is removed over a series of treatments. Toxic material is washed away so it no longer threatens your health. As impacted waste is softened and flushed out, your colon once again begins to work as it was meant to.

Your colon muscles are excercised

In the very process of colon therapy, the colon’s function of muscular contraction is enhanced.

You lose weight

Waste accumulation and toxicity inhibit weight loss. Some clients who have struggled for years with an extended belly and excess weight enjoy the immediate benefits of weight loss from excess waste being removed from the colon (sometimes seven to thirty pounds of waste and fecal matter are removed). They also receive the long-term benefits from better absorption of nutrients-which tends to decrease the appetite safely and naturally.

You avoid the discomfort and health risks of constipation

A stopped-up or slowed large intestine must be addressed first in any attempt to detoxify the body. Colon therapy removes undigested waste and hardened fecal matter that block the easy flow and elimination of waste, greatly improving your comfort level (and attitude).

You actually increase the amount of good intestinal flora

As decayed material is washed out of your large intestine, you immediately gain a better environment to grow good intestinal flora.

You will probably feel better in a relatively short period of time

Most colon hydrotherapy sessions last for roughly an hour, and most clients report a near-immediate sense of feeling lighter and more robust.

Your colon should possibly reshape itself to its natural state

The combination of your Utopia therapist’s massage techniques and the gentle action of the water help eliminate both the narrowed, spastic contraction and the bulging pockets of waste that mark colon problems.

When you schedule colon therapy with Utopia Wellness you receive the benefits of both colon hydrotherapy and the expertise of experienced professionals. The goal is to remove waste and toxins that have built up over time, allowing your digestive system to function more efficiently. Your immune system is strengthened because toxins are washed away before they have a chance to harm your health and your body will absorb more nutrients from food. The benefits of colon therapy can be yours in a process that honors your sensitivity and maintains your dignity.


Clients often express their appreciation for Utopia Wellness’s unique environment that combines the best elements of a world class spa with those of leading edge medical faculty. Yet even more frequently, they remark about the treatment they receive from our staff.

Your Utopia Wellness colon therapist is dedicated to making every session you schedule as comfortable and satisfying as possible. Each therapist puts their best practice of conventional and alternative medicine to work for your benefit.


You will find that colon hydrotherapy at Utopia Wellness is gentle, clean and relaxing. You will be in a private room with a trained professional who fully understands the sensitivity of the process, and is fully committed to your well-being throughout the procedure. After the insertion of a small tube into the rectum, you are full covered and a soothing flow of purified warm water washes into your colon to cleanse it. Your therapist adjusts the flow, pressure and temperature of the water for your comfort.

Your therapy session, which lasts 45 minutes, is optimized through the expert, light touch of your Utopia Wellness therapist. A comprehensive array of massage and touch disciplines, including reflexology, acupressure, polarity and light abdominal massage are used in order to help your colon release as much waste and toxins as possible during your session.

You may be surprised at how quickly the time passes. Many clients are surprised at the fact that there is no odor in this process, and at how gentle the procedure really is. You may have occasional moments of discomfort should the colon suddenly contract, but such episodes occur briefly. The resulting feeling of being clean and clear “from the inside out” makes the experience enjoyable from most of the people we serve.


Occasionally, you might feel chilled or lightheaded for a few moments after colon hydrotherapy yet most people continue with their daily routines without incident. Some people may have several bowel movements in the hours following the procedure, but those come with no urgency or discomfort.

So that leaves you with what most of our Utopia Wellness colon therapy clients report: a profound sense of well-being and feeling lighter.

*Disclaimer:  Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors and these results should not be expected or anticipated. Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your physician or healthcare provider. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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