Got a question? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below!

How long does the treatment program take?

Each patient receives individualized care and the time necessary to achieve results will vary.  However, the average program is approximately 8 weeks.

Are there prepared meal plans that I can buy?

There is a nutritional component to our program which is reviewed with each patient during orientation on the first day in the clinic. Our plan encourages organic, fresh produce as well as foods which to avoid. We issue a program manual to each patient when they arrive which is full of information regarding food choices and places to shop.  The manual offers a wide variety of recipes for your convenience.  If you are unable to prepare your own meals, there is a local organic meal service that can assist you.

How will I know if the program is working?

Dr. Garcia will order diagnostic testing at the end of 6 weeks to determine if a patient has achieved maximum benefit from the treatments.  The doctor and patient will discuss what type of testing will be used such as specific blood testing, PET scan, or MRI.  These are not covered with the medical fees paid to Utopia Wellness, however, most insurance plans provide coverage.

Does the program work for everyone?

Patients come to Utopia Wellness having had a variety of treatments prior to starting their treatment at Utopia Wellness. These factors, as well as program compliance, will impact your outcome.

What do I do after I complete the program at Utopia Wellness?

Dr. Garcia has a maintenance program for his patients that complete the program.  The patient will need to keep an alkaline nutritional plan and have weekly lab draws as Dr. Garcia gives follow-up care for three months after a patient has completed the program.

Do you accept insurance?

Due to the alternative nature of our practice, insurance carriers do not cover our services. We are not using traditional drugs. Dr. Garcia is an M.D. so if a medication is necessary he is able to provide the patient with a prescription.