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lose weight without dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Recently, at the Truth About Cancer Live Symposium many of the presenters emphatically declared that in order to overcome cancer and avoid other types of chronic diseases, lifestyle changes are a must. It was stated that over 90% of cancers …

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The Midas Touch

As children, most of us are told the myth of King Midas and the Golden Touch. As the story goes, Midas was a king of great fortune who had everything a king could wish for. Even though he was very …

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You Are What You Eat

You have probably heard the phrase, you are what you eat.  You might not realize just how accurate this statement is! For example, did you know that if you consume a large quantity of carrots, over a period of time, …

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Love Yourself First

February is considered to be the month of love. On Valentine’s Day, we send those we love heart shaped cards adorned with cupids, professing our admiration and devotion. We write line after line revealing to them how great we think …

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Off the Grid

Off the grid… This is where I was when I picked up the phone to call Utopia. I had an awful phone consult with another alternative doctor who ripped me to shreds the night before – ridiculing me for all …

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Sacred Cow

In Hinduism, the cow is honored as a symbol of life and sustenance. They consider cows to be gentle creatures who give generously while taking only water, grass and grain in return. By honoring the cow, who gives more than …

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Boost Your Immune System

As we enter the holidays and the flu season, we find ourselves becoming exposed to an avalanche of germs. Now add the stress of heavier traffic, larger crowds everywhere and less rest and you now have an immune system that …

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Attitude of Gratitude

Many of us use this time of year to devote a few moments to taking inventory of all the things that we are grateful for. For many of us, family comes to mind first, but there is no need to …

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Juicing for Health!

If you have spent any time around us here at Utopia Wellness, you know that we are crazy about juicing! Juicing offers many life-enhancing health benefits including a more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits …

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Green Tea Meditation

We have all heard of the great health benefits of drinking green tea but were you aware of the immunity building benefits of meditation? Through meditation, you can increase your health by stimulating your brain to activate your immune system. …

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Inflammation Accelerates Aging

Inflammation serves a valuable purpose in our bodies. When we sustain an injury, the brain sends a signal to the (injured) area in an attempt to heal itself. The problem comes when the inflammatory process hangs around longer than wanted …

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iVitamin Bar is a Hit!

Optimizing your health is no longer something that you do just at your doctor’s office. More and more these days’ people are taking ownership of their own health outcomes. This forward thinking movement was evident by the interest and record …

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Seeking Approval

Why do we need justification? Many of us need justification because we need the approval of others. We value other’s approval and acceptance of us more than we value ourselves. This is not our fault! We have been programed to …

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Utopia Wellness and Carlos Garcia, MD are excited to announce the launch of their new iVitamin Bar. They would like to invite you to an Open House and Launch Party on Thursday, September 10 between 6-8pm to celebrate this exciting

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Sleep For The Health of It!

Sleep is one of those simple yet powerful tools that is truly a health weapon. A good night’s sleep makes you feel much healthier and allows you to function better throughout your day. When you have good sleeping habits, it …

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Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

Riddle me this! What happens when an unstoppable force strikes the immovable object? You would be surprised by the many ways the campers answered this question! When Doc first presented this question to the campers they thought there was only …

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Juicing for Cancer

Eat The Rainbow

We were privileged to have Nancy Eiseman, owner of Queen Bee Foods, speak to our campers this week. Their mission is to make healthy, sustainable foods readily available to the families in our community. Their produce is organic and as …

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Achieving Optimal Wellness

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.” Optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness.…

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Health Benefits of Tumeric

Even if turmeric isn’t in your spice rack, you’ve probably tasted it. Although it is popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, it is also the principal ingredient in Worcestershire sauce and is used to color and flavor many kinds …

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The IVitamin Bar at Utopia Wellness is an exciting new paradigm in integrative and functional medicine, allowing us to both prevent and help treat a wide variety of conditions safely and effectively.

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