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The Positive Effects of Colon Therapy

By:  Beth Gaines, Certified Colon Therapist

As a colon hydro-therapist, the most common statement I hear before the first treatment is, “I go to the bathroom everyday so I don’t need this therapy.”  First of all, congratulations!  Many people don’t have a daily bowel movement, nor do they realize that this bowel movement is necessary in order to have a healthy colon, healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy immune system!  Science has been telling us for many years now that there is a direct connection between our brains and our bowels, otherwise known as the enteric nervous system.  Our colons are constantly sending messages to our brains from the neurons in our gut via the vagus nerve! In fact, scientists at UCLA found that 90% of the messages are transmitting from the colon to the brain, and not vice versa.  Suffering from constipation will absolutely affect our mood and our mind.  Keeping our colons healthy is essential for keeping our minds happy.

In other words, colon therapy is not just for constipated people, it is also for the privileged few who manage to have regular, daily healthy bowel movements, all on their own.  But why would you need colon therapy if your body is right on time, every day?  Isn’t that enough?  Isn’t what nature has intended sufficient to keep us healthy?  No, and the reason is very simple:  we are not living in the same world as our ancestors lived just 200 years ago.  In today’s modern supermarket, it is likely that we have consumed foods that were grown in pesticides, injected with steroids, and processed with man-made chemicals or food additives (nitrates, high fructose corn syrup, msg, etc.).  Imagine the burden we have put on the human liver which is not accustomed to processing an avalanche of additives.  The liver works hand in hand with the colon; the colon provides the main exit for toxins leaving the liver by releasing daily bowel movements.  When the colon is moving slower than usual, due to constipation, the liver can’t do its job as easily because it becomes overly congested, so it suffers as well.  These harmful substances set up an environment, or microbiome, within the colon which facilitates bad bacteria to flourish, overpowering the good bacteria that support our immune system.  In other words, it is not only highly beneficial to clean out the colon’s contents, but the lining of the bowel as well, where the not so healthy bacteria congregates.  It’s no wonder we feel fatigue, have headaches, feel depressed, and can’t sleep!  These are all signs of a congested colon.  Allergies, skin disorders, poor absorption of nutrients, and bloating are also signs of a toxic colon.  Cleansing the entire organ a few times throughout the year with hydro colon-therapy greatly relieves the burden we have put on the colon, and indirectly supports the liver as well.

Another common question is, “Can’t I clean from the inside out and take a colon cleansing supplement or probiotic?”  Although this is a great start, it is no substitute for a colonic.  Many colon therapists highly recommend a colon cleansing supplement a couple days before the first colonic, so it can greatly assist in a more thoroughly cleansing colonic.  Think of colon therapy as a warm bath for your bowel.  Fecal matter can settle into the colon in layers because the colon is designed to draw moisture and salts from the digested food.  The standard American diet does not contain enough moisture and fiber to pass through the colon efficiently, so it sticks to the colon wall, building up over time.  It is the lack of hydration in the colon that creates a dry and hard bowel movement.  If stool is cracked or round like stones, and hard to pass, this indicates a constipated, dry bowel.  The warm water during a colonic gently loosens and softens the dry fecal matter so that it can pass through the tube. The colon will absorb the water during the process to rehydrate the body.

Dr. Ajay Goel, director of epigenetics, cancer prevention and genomics at Baylor University states, “Colon cleanses can be very helpful in eliminating/washing away toxins from the body, but one must keep in mind that these cleanses (should be) as natural as possible and do not use strong/harsh chemicals, as these may provide temporary relief, but in the long run can negatively impact your colon health.”  Colon therapy uses only warm, purified water with absolutely nothing else.  It is done by a trained colon therapist who safely allows the water to flow in and waste flow out of the body through a tube, so there is no odor during the process.  Many people, including those who were hesitant to walk through the office door, are amazed at how much relief they feel afterward.  It is common to hear, “I didn’t realize how bloated I felt before, because now I feel so light!”  This is just one of the many positive effects of colon therapy.


Governance of the Bowels

By: Carlos Garcia, M.D.

The neck, specifically C1-C2 (cervical vertebrae 1 and 2), is typically misunderstood by mainstream medicine, in just about all issues except for trauma. Mainstream medicine often looks down on chiropractic and massage modalities as tools for realignment and thus treatment of pathology. The following are examples where addressing and correcting C-spine misalignments have resulted in the reversal of these conditions: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, atrial fibrillation, acid reflux, constipation and irritable bowel just to mention a few. Now many practitioners who read the hereinabove may claim quackery or worse, however, tell that to my patients. I would venture to say that any patient who develops new digestive issues post-operatively most likely has C1 and/or C2 misaligned. Mainstream medicine will seek drugs to treat symptoms, whereas I seek the root cause: The C-spine.

Now I am not stating that chiropractic treatment or massage is a cure-all. However, they are great tools, which are gravely misunderstood thus under used by mainstream medicine and touted as not “real” by many practitioners. When it comes to diet, and its benefits or detriments, and prevention, mainstream medicine remains, regrettably, in the Stone Age. The concept that simple sugar feeds cancerous cells is still ignored or refuted by many mainstream institutions who recommend the consumption of high glucose content fluids or foods as beneficial and non-harmful. These are the same practitioners who get upset when patients, seeking assistance, question the reasoning behind using a glucose molecule as the PET scan dye preferred carrier molecule. The PET scan works only because cancer cells prefer and consume glucose or fructose with impunity. Thus consuming processed foods with corn syrup, which is readily absorbed by the gut, preferentially feeds your cancer.

C-spine issues and the ramifications are more common than most people and practitioners are aware of. If you had: a car accident, participated in contact sports, had sports related accidents, general anesthesia, dental work, slip and falls or other traumas, you may develop C-spine injuries and its consequences. The nervous system that regulates our internal organs, stomach, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder, spleen, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract and other functions are intertwined with the top two vertebrae within our cervical spine, namely C1 and C2.

Let’s examine C1 and C2 more closely. they are the top two vertebrae, which connect our skull to our spine. The average adult skull, brain and standard equipment such as brain, eyes, tongue, teeth etc. weighs about 10-12 pounds. That’s a pretty large bowling ball balanced by relatively small bones.

C1 or the “atlas”, since it supports the head, has no body. It is further unique compared to the other vertebrae in that its bone morphology is arched, thus allowing for connection and articulation with C2 known as the “axis”. C2, our “axis” allows for the flexion and rotation our head. The brainstem empties into the C1-C2 complex, which is quite narrow. Thus with such tight tolerances, an anatomical displacement can result in “pinching” of vital communication relays between the brain and other organs or structures. Thus dysfunction can result. Again a practitioner who does not understands or does not give credence to this relationship will focus on and treat the symptoms, while missing the source of the complaints.

Common complaints, especially after a car accident, general anesthesia or a dental procedure, involving acid reflux, atrial fibrillation, constipation, diarrhea, palpitations and others are an indication that the cervical spine is mal-aligned. Before you go running off to your nearest chiropractor, make sure to search for an orthogonally trained one. In short, some excel in certain aspects which is true of all practitioners.

Additionally, the American culture is driven by the once and done concept.  However, even when properly corrected, the adjustment of the C-spine can be undone. Thus when it comes to good gastrointestinal function, then skeletal alignment is paramount. If the cervical spine is misaligned, then the feedback that looks between your gut and brain will need rerouting.

Factors that undermine continued alignment include, but is not limited to, our bed, pillows, daily movements, being startled, how we pick objects up, just to mention a few. If your symptoms are intermittent, then you are most likely aligning and misaligning your vertebrae.

A competent holistic practitioner recognizes the relationships between, emotions, anatomy, electrical imbalances, and that hard to describe, “I just don’t feel right“, which just lingers as all tests return as “normal”.  This may eventually result in your practitioner telling you, “It’s all in your head”.  It’s not all in your head, it’s in your vertebrae!



Power of Love

By Jake Galles, PhD

According to the majority of mainstream scientists, the most powerful force in the universe is entropy. This force dictates that everything eventually dies, decays, and succumbs to the oblivion of a dark and lifeless void.  Thankfully, these scientists overlooked one important ingredient when studying the nature of reality: consciousness and the power of love.

Quantum physicists have now discovered that the fabric of existence in this universe is in a state of re-creation through and ongoing interplay between energy and matter. They have reached the undisputed conclusion that the universe is Alive, and has a consciousness of its own. Furthermore, they have found this consciousness to have a specific intention, which fortunately for us supports the unfoldment of life.  This force has been coined as “The Benevolent Bias” of the universe.  In other words, scientists have proven that the Universe Loves Us.

This background energy of creation exists everywhere, as a coherent field that gently ushers the forward movement of all things. This loving force is responsible for the elegance of the cosmos, the harmony of music, the beauty of nature, and the crystalline geometry of snowflakes. Perhaps the most profound aspect of these scientific revelations is the fact that each and every one of us has access to the power of this Universal Benevolence.  You see, each individual point of consciousness creates its own version of the universal field.  In other words, the center of your being (which many refer to as “the heart”) produces an electromagnetic field at least the size of the earth itself, which vibrates at the frequency of your emotional state. Therefore, we are all connected, and our energy influences everything in existence.
The frequencies we generate have a measureable effect on quantum probabilities, meaning we have an incredible power to influence the likelihood of future events. Our energy field influences the structure of physical matter, and the emotions of others in our vicinity. But by far the most profound effect of our state of consciousness is on the functioning of our physical body. Our energetic state of being affects every fiber of our DNA, and determines the quality of cell regeneration. When we resonate with coherent (loving) frequencies, our body releases alkalizing hormones, allowing our immune system to thrive, and activates an epigenetic healing mechanism in our DNA. In other words, when we align our energy and intentions with the benevolent, loving force of the universe on a consistent basis; our bodies naturally heal themselves from the inside-out.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “How can I access and benefit from this miraculous healing power of love”? Well that is a very good question, with a very simple answer, love yourself.  You see, love is not just an emotion… Love is a choice… to surrender to the unconditional love that the Universe has for you.  So the key is to care about yourself, with the same care you would give to a child in need,  to be present with all of your pain and darkness, and have the courage to keep the light on. Now that’s LOVE!… To continue loving yourself even when you don’t like yourself… Especially when you don’t like yourself… Especially when it feels awkward or uncomfortable. That is how you turn Love from a foreign experience into a familiar one. That is how you reveal your true Infinite Worth to yourself. That is when you gain the power to create a coherent state of being, regardless of the circumstances. That is how you make love truly unconditional… And become a cup that runneth over, a shining beacon for the world to see. You are The Light of Universal Love… So Be It… and Let the Healing Begin!



Acidity and Hypertension

By Carlos Garcia, MD

In the past few years, researchers around the world have reported the importance of an acid-alkaline balanced diet. Changing a patient’s diet is extremely helpful when someone is confronted with a diagnosis of hypertension. The goal of this diet is to achieve an optimal balance between acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods. When balanced, it greatly reduces the strain on the body’s detoxification systems. A change in pH of body fluids can have a profound effect on cells, organs and overall wellbeing.
The optimal pH of different body fluids or compartments varies. Arterial blood has a pH of about 7.4.  The body’s normal physiology can only function between the pH of 7.38-7.44. Intracellular fluid, the environment within cells, has a pH of about 7.0 and venous blood and interstitial fluid, the space between cells and tissues, have a pH of about 7.35.
The pH scale measures hydrogen ion concentrations on a log scale; a difference of 1.0 means a 10-fold difference in hydrogen ion concentration. If hydrogen concentration increases then there is acidosis, an acidic environment.  If hydrogen concentration decreases then alkalosis ensues, an alkaline environment.  When the pH in body fluids drops too low, the body begins to suffer from acidosis and when the pH rises high, the condition is called alkalosis. Acidosis or alkalosis can be caused by disease, diet, exercise, state of mind, stress and respiration just to mention a few.
Systemic physiologic changes can influence a slight change in pH in the spinal fluid and cerebral fluid, which may cause a reduction in affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen. The reduction in hemoglobin affinity (poor oxygen delivery) may stress cells and organs, which could result in tachycardia, elevated heart rate, as well as other physiologic compensatory mechanisms. Hypertension may be one of the physiologic results.
Chronic blood acidosis can lead to muscle loss or degradation in extreme situations, such as cachexia. Skeletal and cardiac muscle cells as well as organ function are adversely affected. A low pH depresses cardiac muscle cell contractions, thus decreasing the intensity of the heart muscle’s contraction. Smooth muscle cells are also impacted by acidosis. For example, vascular smooth muscle cells contract with increases in extracellular pH and relax with decreases in pH.  When the vascular smooth muscles contract, one’s blood pressure rises.  Conversely, when vascular smooth muscles dilate, blood pressure drops.  A rise in extracellular pH increases the influx of calcium into vascular smooth muscle cells, in order to compensate or regulate blood pressure.
Your state of mind can also influence your blood pressure and other organ function. When one is calm and happy heart rates tend to decrease and blood pressures lower.  However, given one’s inability to manage unusual or stressful events may result in just the opposite. As you can begin to see, the physiologic regulation of blood pressure is not as straight forward as one might think.  The human body is a highly complex system with numerous feedback and interactive mechanisms affecting all our physiologic responses.


Eat The Rainbow

We were privileged to have Nancy Eiseman, owner of Queen Bee Foods, speak to our campers this week. Their mission is to make healthy, sustainable foods readily available to the families in our community. Their produce is organic and as much is locally grown as they can find. She shared information about the benefits of organic foods, cracking the code on genetically modified foods and provided our campers with many other helpful tips including how to eat the rainbow.

Fresh Vegetable Juices
One such tip was to eat the rainbow! While visually bright, cheerful colors can certainly give you a sunny outlook on life, we should all take a few seconds to appreciate how they affect our bodies. Did you know that the more intense the colors of your food are, the more positive effect those foods will have on your body? That right! So try adding some Technicolor foods to your plate this week. Some great examples are blueberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, ruby red grapefruits, beets and tomatoes.When you make a point of eating foods saturated in color your body responds by healing itself and fighting against disease. When your body is functioning on this level you will find yourself feeling full of life and energy.

Another tip to help us remember to get those Technicolor foods on our plates is to “eat a rainbow” for health.

Red fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelons improve heart and blood health and support joints.

Orange fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and pumpkin help to protect against cancer and promotes collagen growth.

Yellow fruits and vegetables such as pears, bananas, pineapple and yellow peppers help with vision, digestion and immune system support.

Green fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumbers and kiwi are powerful detoxifiers and fight free radicals.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables such as red cabbage, red onion, eggplant, blueberries, blackberries and figs help to improve mineral absorption and are powerful antioxidants.

White vegetables such as cauliflower, onions, garlic and mushrooms activate our natural killer cells and reduce cancer risk.

Nancy said it best, “Challenge yourself to eat the rainbow! You will be so glad you did!”


Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

Riddle me this! What happens when an unstoppable force strikes the immovable object? You would be surprised by the many ways the campers answered this question! When Doc first presented this question to the campers they thought there was only one obvious answer. They called out responses such as, “nothing happens!” “Both can’t be true at once!” “It’s a stalemate!”

Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object
The next train of thought that arose was, if the force is unstoppable then there is no object that would be immovable. Then of course there were those campers who saw it on the flip side, if the object is immovable then there is no force that is unstoppable. It seems that the more they thought about it, the more other perspectives began to appear.Did their cancer result from an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object? Was it their cancer that was the unstoppable force or was it the immovable object? Was it their will to live that was the unstoppable force or was it the immovable object? Can you control your dys-ease? As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

One camper felt that this was similar to the scenario of the palm tree versus the oak tree. The palm tree can withstand the unstoppable force of hurricane winds because of their ability to bend and sway whereas the immovable, unbendable mighty oak with its massive, deep roots which symbolizes strength and endurance, topples over.

Dr. Garcia tells his patients, “You thought your way into cancer, however you will have to learn how to feel your way back to health. Do not embrace the terms right or wrong, after all who decides which it is? Access to wellness lies within each and every one of us. Your access hinges upon your flexibility and your belief that you are ready, able and willing to trust yourself to use your innate healing ability again!”

Which would you rather be? Would you rather be flexible allowing you to reflect upon your choices and make changes or would you rather be rigid and fixed and unable to acclimate?

So what do you think happens when the unstoppable force strikes the immovable object?


Sleep For The Health of It!

Sleep is one of those simple yet powerful tools that is truly a health weapon. A good night’s sleep makes you feel much healthier and allows you to function better throughout your day. When you have good sleeping habits, it has a domino effect on every aspect of your life. You’ll feel more alert, energetic and motivated to make other positive lifestyle changes. So sleep for the health of it!

Sleep For The Health of It
The widespread use of electricity has given us greater freedom but it has also given us the opportunity to stay up late and push ourselves to do more resulting in sleep deprivation. What you may not realize is that sleep deprivation is cumulative. You don’t adapt to sleep deprivation, you only get more tired and eventually unhealthy.Many things interfere with a good night’s sleep these days. Emails, social media and smartphones have all become such a part of living in our modern world that we borrow time from sleep to do more.Sleep is needed to regenerate the body. When you don’t get enough, your body doesn’t heal. The body’s immune system is actually weakened without sleep which not only causes you to be sick but it also causes you to age prematurely. Sleep studies are finding that women who averaged less than five hours of sleep per night had a higher death rate than those who slept seven hours and that women going to bed too late may be doubling their risk of breast cancer.
It is time to make sleep a priority and look upon it as you would any other essential nutrient that affects virtually every aspect of your life.
Here are a few tips for getting the right amount and quality of sleep you need.

  • Go to bed at the same time every night – Give yourself a scheduled bedtime or before long your awake time will be squeezing its way into sleep time.
  • Unplug – Make sure you are not doing anything but relaxing, journaling or reading an hour before going to bed. That means no electronics. Doing so allows your body to release the hormone melatonin which helps to get you to sleep.
  • Keep your room cool and well ventilated – Keeping your room temperature on the cooler side and using an air purifier can improve the way you breathe and ultimately the way you sleep.
  • Limit caffeine – Drinking caffeine can prolong the time it takes you to fall asleep and can decrease the time that you stay asleep.
  • Limit alcohol – Alcohol may make you fall asleep quicker but your quality of sleep may be diminished causing you to wake up feeling tired.

Make sleep as essential as eating, exercising or anything else that you consider important to your health. Pleasant dreams!


You are invited to an open house

Utopia Wellness and Carlos Garcia, MD are excited to announce the launch of their new iVitamin Bar. They would like to invite you to an Open House and Launch Party on Thursday, September 10 between 6-8pm to celebrate this exciting new paradigm in integrative and functional medicine. The iVitamin Bar offers vitamin rich therapies delivered intravenously for maximum absorption and benefit. The setting is hip, social and therapeutic where you can enjoy your drip while surfing the internet on a complementary iPad, relax in a massage chair and enjoy aromatherapy oxygen.  The treatments include the Myer’s Cocktail, detoxifying Royal Flush, Fountain of Youth for Anti-Aging, Game Day for energy and stamina, Immune Booster , Fat Burner and an Alkaline Drip to fend off disease. They also offer a Glutathione injection that improves the function of other anti-oxidants. These therapies are fast, painless, affordable, and provide rapid and lasting results. Most importantly, you do not need extensive lab work and the consultation is brief and free. So whether you are looking for added energy or a competitive edge, there is a drip designed for you. Call (727)799-9060 to schedule your visit to the iVitamin Bar or visit www.TheiVitaminBar.com to learn more.

Seeking Approval

Why do we need justification? Many of us need justification because we need the approval of others. We value other’s approval and acceptance of us more than we value ourselves. This is not our fault! We have been programed to need the approval of others! By the way, that’s a justification!

Seeking Approval
It is true that we are programed to need the approval of others. We have all been conditioned to see our worth through someone else’s eyes. It begins very early in our lives as we seek the approval of our parents, our teachers and our classmates. Then later in life we seek the approval of our superiors and our peers.  This leads to a pattern of our needing to get the right grades, getting into the right schools, finding the right job, marrying the right partner, buying the right house, driving the right car, and on and on and on.Justification is really a way to blame something or someone else for our own problems, our own bad decisions. We have a choice, instead of finding someone or something else to blame we can take ownership of our bad decisions and learn from them.  You can make the decision to change or you can make the decision not to change knowing that if you continue to make the same bad choices that resulted in you getting sick and you don’t make any changes you will continue to be sick.  You can also choose not to choose and avoid the issue, avoid growth or you can choose to be a victim so you don’t have to take responsibility for yourself. Illness can be your justification. You can use your illness as an excuse to avoid everything in your life that makes you uncomfortable.

What is lacking from all of these choices is self-respect. If you respect yourself you will make good choices. If you don’t respect yourself you will make bad choices because you will have someone or something else to blame. The key to self-respect is to take ownership of these bad decisions and forgive yourself. This will free you to start making better choices moving forward. You can choose to transform your sense of worth. That’s when you don’t need justification, when you take ownership and forgive yourself. That’s when you don’t need others approval to feel worthwhile.

Justification is just another word for staying in your head because that’s what you know, that’s what you are comfortable with. When you no longer are seeking approval, you know that you are aligned with your head and your heart. When you switch your mindset to growth, happiness and health, that’s when the healing process begins.


Aromatherapy Oxygen Therapy Now Available at The iVitamin Bar

The human body is rapidly becoming oxygen deprived. We have become a society of shallow breathers. When we are anxious and stressed our breath follows suit. Our muscles become tensed which causes our breathing to become constricted. Factor in our sedentary lifestyles and shallow breathing becomes a lifestyle habit.

Oxygen Bar
Research has shown that this habit of shallow breathing affects us in many ways. Some of these affects are immediate such as dizziness, loss of concentration, muscle cramps, heart palpitations and fatigue. Some of these affects have long term ramifications such as the build-up of toxins, sleep disorders and reduced function of the lungs and immune system. Ninety percent of all our biological energy comes from oxygen. It is the essential element that the human body needs to thrive. Our shallow breathing habits are leading us to premature aging and reduced vitality.The good news is that it is possible to reverse these affects! Just becoming aware of your breathing throughout the day will help you to make immediate changes. Focusing on your breathing can have a significant impact on your stress level and can create physical changes such as lowering your blood pressure. You can also try practicing deep abdominal breathing techniques and periodically check yourself for muscle tension. Another alternative is the additional intake of oxygen.

Oxygen starvation has become so prevalent that oxygen bars have become a popular hot spot. The oxygen used in oxygen bars is between 90% and 92% allowing 4 to 5 times more oxygen than the average breath. The iVitamin Oxygen Bar at Utopia Wellness offers oxygen with aromatherapy such as calming lavender and vanilla, uplifting peppermint and wintergreen and invigorating mountain berry which can be purchased for $1.00 per minute.  Visit www.TheiVitaminBar.com to see what other new offerings are now available at Utopia Wellness.

These sessions of scented oxygen can boost energy levels, increase endurance during exercise, help you bounce back more quickly from physical exertion, provide relief from stress and pollution, enhance concentration, relax the body and ease headaches and hangovers.

So when you find yourself feeling anxious and tense and your breathing is short and labored simply surround yourself in a relaxing and positive environment and just breathe.