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Meet the Medical Team

Holistic Health and Cancer Clinic / Meet the Medical Team

Utopia Wellness has spent years building our elite team of healthcare providers and support members.  Each member has been hand-selected because they deliver the highest quality of care, possess love and compassion for our patients, and believe and support our mission to ensure that natural and holistic treatment options are available to anyone fighting disease.

Dr. Carlos Garcia

Carlos M. Garcia, MD

Carlos M. Garcia, MD is the Director of Medicine at Utopia Wellness. His passion about natural medicine and holistic healthcare did not come naturally.  Dr. Garcia was born in Cuba and moved to the US when he was a young boy.  He received his formal medical training at the University of Massachusetts, Medical School followed by an internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Anesthesia, both at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA. After moving to the Tampa Bay area in 1984, he began his practice as an Anesthesiologist at Bayfront Medical Center, Edward White Hospital, and Physicians’ Community Hospital. Over his years working in hospitals, he came to realize that traditional medicine was driven more by the profits of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals than it was on providing the patient with the best possible care. So in 1996, Dr. Garcia redirected his medical focus to natural alternative health care including holistic medicine, chelation therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement, IV vitamins and antioxidants, detoxification and weight loss. Dr. Garcia’s focus over the past several years has been on helping people suffering from cancer and its related diseases. His approach is holistic in that he addresses not only the cancer but also the underlying causes.  In all of these areas, he focuses not only on the body but also the mind using non-harmful and natural alternatives to conventional treatments. Dr. Garcia is a member of ACAM (American College for the Advancement of Medicine) and ICIM (International College of Integrative Medicine), holds certifications in Chelation Therapy from the American Board of Chelation Therapy, and Dr. Garcia has given numerous lectures on various health topics to professionals, medical students and the public, has had a radio talk show, and has been interviewed for health related television news topics. In 2012, Dr. Garcia published his book Cancer is a Symptom: The Real Cause Revealed  where he addresses the prospect that cancer is merely a symptom and unless you heal the underlying cause, you will never be truly cancer free.


Sydney, PA

Sydney is a Certified Physician’s Assistant here at Utopia Wellness. A Chicago native, her family moved to Orlando when she was a young girl. She loves helping people and has always known she wanted to work in the healthcare industry. She attended the University of Florida where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Returning to her roots in Chicago, she attended Southern Illinois University where she obtained a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Sydney’s passion and enthusiasm for healthcare makes her a huge asset to the patients at Utopia Wellness.

Belinda Alonso

Belinda, CHN

Belinda wears many hats at Utopia Wellness and is one of the brightest spots in everyone’s day.  She is our Office Administrator, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and acclaimed blogger.  She has been a team member at Utopia Wellness since 2012 and has spent 35 years in the medical profession.  She initially began her career on the allopathic side of medicine as an operating room assistant.  Over the years, she found herself wanting to work with patients before they ended up needing surgical intervention.  She began studying nutrition and soon discovered her real passion.  She obtained her degree in Holistic Nutrition and received her certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Belinda was born and raised right here in Ybor City, Florida, once the cigar-making capital of the world.  She enjoyed the mecca of cultures, Spanish, Cuban and Italian working side-by-side sharing stories, views, their food and home remedies.  Her grandparents owned and operated a Spanish restaurant which is where she believed her passion for food began.  She embraces food as our medicine and loves sharing her passion with her patients.

Dan, CC

Dan is our Mental Health Counselor here at Utopia Wellness. Dan attended Southern University in New York where is received his Master’s Degree in counseling. He has been practicing in the field for more than 30 years and loves his role in helping patients understand the mind/body connection. At Utopia Wellness, Dan assists the patients in their journey to identify areas of their lives that are obstacles in their ability to heal. He then empowers them to actively participate in their healing from the inside out by putting together the connection of their minds, bodies and spirits.

Elizabeth aka

Elizabeth aka “Tweet”

Elizabeth is another team member who wears many hats and wears them all so well.  She is Utopia’s Certified Touch for Health Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA78930), Energy Healer, Herbalist and Kinesiologist.  She feels blessed to have discovered her passion and purpose early in life.  She was fortunate to work for a gifted physician in her 20’s who recognized her potential and encouraged her to return to school and pursue the healing arts.  She now is able to use her education and abilities to help the patients at Utopia Wellness.  She feels she has found her home here and helping patients achieve their wellness goals. When she is not helping the patients heal, she loves being home with family and friends.  She is an animal and nature lover and enjoys the outdoors.  She lives her life to the fullest and finds pleasure in even simple things.  The motto she lives by is “To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, to know that even one life has breathed easier because I have lived.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beth Gaines

Beth, LMT/CT

Beth is the Licensed Colon Therapist (MA74037) at Utopia Wellness and is passionate about health and wellness.  She was born in New Orleans and grew up in Pensacola, FL but has lived all over the US.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology but then subsequently went back to school to become a massage therapist and then a certified colon therapist.  She devoted herself to natural healing at a young age and even stopped eating red meat at 15, would chose Chinese medicine over western medicine for her ailments and this all led her to a career at Utopia Wellness. She finds it very rewarding working in the natural health field and immensely enjoys seeing other heal and connecting with the wonderful patients. When she is not helping patients at Utopia, she enjoys spending time with her husband renovating their home and with her teenage son who shares her love of music and reading.  She also enjoys visiting cities with lots of diversity, but she also appreciates the peace and calm of nature.


Shayla, R.N.

After getting exposed to a holistic way of living early in life, I have been committed to the value of a holistic lifestyle for over 20 years. It has been a journey that also extends my career as a former Massage Therapist and a current Registered Nurse.

The foundation of my career is in healthcare, though my spirit is in the amazing difference that can be made physically and emotionally with others, by being present and listening to people. This extends to my experience in oncology, Hospice and here at Utopia Wellness. In all of these cases, the importance is how essential our human connection is and how to remain open, present and non-judgmental with others or ourselves. Matters of life and death and having this two-way communication with others has only strengthened my belief in the emotional component of all disease. Essentially, how we must observe and address our emotions if we are to thrive.

As an RN, I am most at home in the care of my patients/campers. Each step through my journey as a nurse has brought new experiences and insights. Hospice has taught me a great deal about the human element of our existence, while Utopia has extended this awareness and helped me to understand the right questions to ask in order to deepen my understanding of myself and the world around me.

I am grateful for this journey through life and inspired for what’s to come.

Xochitl Aguilar

Xochitl, MA

Xochitl (pronounced So-Cheel) was born in Mexico and moved to Clearwater in 1989.  She has been a medical assistant in the field of alternative and natural medicine for 25 years and a team member at Utopia Wellness since 2009 where she is truly valued for her skills and knowledge.  She loves interacting with the patients and gets great satisfaction contributing to their health and making them feel at home in an unfamiliar place.  Xochitl always greets the patients with a smile because she says it’s her biggest asset because she has big teeth and a big mouth! (she said that, we didn’t)  When she is not taking care of the patients, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, tap dancing, and yoga.

Mark Wilson

Mark, PCC

Mark is a Patient Care Coordinator and often the first voice you hear when you call Utopia.  He has been an invaluable member of our team since 2014 and has helped countless new patients navigate their treatment programs, organize their services and putting them at ease. He attended St. Petersburg College and University of South Florida with an emphasis on the Sciences which led to work as a Wellness Coach, prosthetic and orthotic technician, and Personal Trainer.  Working in the field of natural medicine was a perfect fit as it combines all of his interests into one positive environment. When not helping Utopia’s patients, Mark loves to see new patients and learn new things.  He is currently taking Spanish lessons from our bilingual employees so he can help more patients.  He is a self-professed “foodie” and especially loves different cuisines from around the world.  Music is another passion and enjoys playing guitar and watching live music.  He is very close to his family and on weekends, you can find them on the beach or cheering on and all Tampa Bay sports teams.  He grew up here so he’s very loyal!

Physical Effects of Stress

Sabrina, PCC

Sabrina is a Patient Care Coordinator at Utopia with an interest in Psychology. She was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico but has recently relocated to Florida. Her interest in holistic medicine started young when her grandmother would treat all injuries with aloe vera plants and Native American medicine mixtures. Outside of Utopia, she enjoys watching movies with friends and taking her dogs to the local parks. Sabrina is a current student at Keiser University studying developmental psychology and has also attended St. Petersburg College and Central New Mexico Community College.


Airam, PCC

Airam grew up in New Jersey where she was surrounded by a family who focused on using natural remedies and taught her the importance of healthy eating and how it affects one’s health. Her favorite part about working at Utopia Wellness is the opportunity to interact with patients and help them through their journey. On her days off she loves to eat food whether she prepared it herself or perhaps trying out new places. Some of her hobbies include painting, swimming and playing hockey. While exploring new places she came across the state park, Weeki Wachee and described it as “paradise.” She enjoyed kayaking and swimming in this natural spring so much that she plans on visiting as often as she can while continuing her search for other natural springs all over Florida.


Liza, PCC

Liza is one of the Patient Care Coordinator at Utopia Wellness. After spending over 10 years in the Telecommunications Industry, she made a huge career change. Liza has always been committed to living a healthy lifestyle and this passion led her to enroll in studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her was fortunate to study under nutrition experts, integrative health researchers as well as functional medical practitioners. Through this experience she learned to understand the healing power of whole foods. She feels fortunate to be a member of the team here at Utopia Wellness where she can work alongside of like-minded people to provide patients with the best outcomes.

Charles Rivers

Charles, Inventory & IT

Charles is a true Floridian with family roots in Florida. Charles is a 20 year retired military member of the Air Force electrical powered field. During his 20 years, Charles served as a depot level system mechanic traveling all over the world. Charles always figures out the best way to complete jobs, while saving money. He attended SPJC where he took computer courses to enhance his IT skills. Charles worked for various companies before he set down roots with Utopia. He has been a member of our Utopia family since 1998. Charles started as an IT specialist. During his tenure, he has taken on duties, such as the inventory manager and later becoming our IT manager as well. He negotiates purchases for medical supplies and equipment. Charles strives to be better than his counterparts in his field. Always looking for the best quality and prices to keep our clinic on track. Charles is above reproach and a major asset to our team at Utopia.

*Disclaimer:  Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors and these results should not be expected or anticipated. Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your physician or healthcare provider. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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