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Declare Your Independence!

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Declare Your Independence!

As our nation celebrates its independence, we pause to reflect on the price that was paid for that independence.  Countless sacrifices were made and many lives were lost in the quest for freedom.  We as a people stood our ground and declared that we were all created equal and that we were all endowed with certain unalienable rights, which among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.A declaration is a proclamation.  When you make a personal declaration you are proclaiming and asserting what it is that you desire in your life. Have you ever considered what your personal declaration of independence would look like?  Is there anything or anyone that is preventing you from living the life you choose for yourself or hindering your pursuit of happiness?Take the time to reflect upon what you want in life.  Think about the areas that you are struggling with or those that you would like to see some improvements.  Reflect upon the price that you have paid in allowing yourself and others to dismiss the significance of your life. How much longer will you sacrifice your right to be free to live the life you choose to live?

Write down your declarations and proclaim them out loud.  Here are some examples that may help you in preparing your declaration:

  • I pledge to love myself unconditionally.
  • I pledge to make my life a priority.
  • I pledge to trust myself unconditionally.
  • I pledge to respect myself unconditionally.
  • I pledge to make myself happy.
  • I pledge to make my life fun.
  • I pledge to see the value in myself unconditionally.
  • I pledge to cultivate a positive outlook for my life.
  • I pledge to forgive myself unconditionally.
  • I pledge to embrace my imperfections unconditionally.
  • I pledge to embrace a healthy lifestyle for myself.
  • I pledge to embrace abundance for myself.
  • I pledge to embrace success.
  • I pledge to nurture my inner child.

Now write some declarations that are personal to you and proclaim your right to enjoy a long life with the promise of liberty and the expectation of happiness!


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