You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

You have probably heard the phrase, you are what you eat.  You might not realize just how accurate this statement is! For example, did you know that if you consume a large quantity of carrots, over a period of time, your skin could actually turn orange?

Have you ever given much thought to what you eat and how often you eat in a day? How about the number of times you eat in a week or even a year? Let me help you do the math. Let’s just say that everyday you eat a typical diet of breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a couple of snacks. Throughout the year that gives you a grand total of 1825 meals and snacks. Now think about what you have chosen to eat during these 1825 meals and snacks. Are you scared yet? If you have been consuming what constitutes as the Standard American Diet (also known as SAD) or munching down at fast food restaurants, then you should be terrified!

Every bad food choice you have made in the past started out as a good idea. These bad choices are reasonable and forgivable because we do the best we can given our circumstances and level of consciousness. If we didn’t make poor choices, we would never learn and grow from our mistakes. It’s what makes us human! Take children for example, they may choose a sugary treat over a piece of fruit but it can be considered as reasonable and forgivable because they have yet to understand the nutritional difference.That being said, making a good food choice can be rather confusing these days. What is touted as being good for you one day is demonized as being bad for you on the very next. 

There is an endless amount of research currently underway about the effect that food has on our health. The science of food is always changing but there are some basic truths that will never steer you wrong. Choosing high-quality, whole foods over low-end, mass produced food products is the most powerful nutritional strategy you can use. No matter what you choose to eat, make sure that you choose the highest quality version there is of that food because you are what you eat.Apply this thinking to everything that you eat and you will be the highest nutritional version of yourself!

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