The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer

Great Minds think alike

We have returned from The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium feeling uplifted and empowered; even more so, we return with the feeling of affirmation. The sellout crowd of 1500 like-minded attendees was unprecedented. Ty Bollinger brought together nearly 50 of the world’s most renowned & respected doctors and other health experts in the field of natural cancer healing.  As each speaker gave their presentation the feeling became greater. It was as if each of these presenters had been a fly on the wall here at Utopia Wellness.  The energy and excitement was palpable. The familiarity of the messages that were being spoken resonated within us.

Utopia Wellness is an environment where trust, hope, belief, respect and love are nurtured unconditionally. This ground breaking event validated our approach of offering the most recent, innovative technologies with an emphasis on natural medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Time and time again, the importance of addressing emotional issues, not only as a part but quite possibly the most important aspect of the healing process, was driven home. While most understand the importance fortifying the immune system and detoxifying the body, the mind and spirit are typically not addressed. This is at the heart and soul of our work here at Utopia Wellness. The success stories were inspiring yet familiar to us. Those who had walked the path of greater resistance and were victorious shared the lessons they learned along the way. They spoke of the need to forgive, they spoke of self-love and making the conscious choice to be happy.

The truths revealed were eye opening but by no means new to us. Educating the public on treatment alternatives that are responsible and effective sounded true to our mission. We felt grateful for courageous practitioners like our own Dr. Garcia who stepped outside of the box and risked so much to be true to themselves and to their oath to do no harm. The magnitude of how the truth about cancer were now being spread to the rest of world is beyond gratifying.

We could feel the shift; we are on the right track to changing the face of cancer treatment in this country. Our job now is to keep the fire lit and to keep spreading the mission of a world where individuals can choose an alternative option with unconditional support instead of overwhelming opposition.

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