The Mind/Body Connection

The Mind/Body Connection

Many patients first turn to holistic medicine because they know what they don’t want rather than understanding the approach itself. They are very clear in not wanting surgery, biopsies, chemotherapy, radiation or a lifetime commitment to medications. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the nature of the mind, body and spirit approach to treating diseases.

Upon arriving at Utopia, many are still of the mindset that we and not they are in control of their outcome. They may be compliant in taking supplements, making dietary changes and keeping to their appointed therapy schedules but given the opportunity, they would place the emotional work on the back burner if allowed to. The concept that emotional imbalances in their lives can negatively affect their overall health is foreign to them. The thought of making the necessary changes in their lives in order to create a harmonious environment scares them. The amount of work involved in confronting their anger, hurt or confusion is overwhelming to them.

When we allow and accept everything that happens to us as though we have no choice, we are taking a passive role in our lives. The feeling that we are victims of circumstance, that we have no choice, leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless. These negative emotions can cause the physical self to fall down on its job of fighting off disease.

In the game of life, the active participant comes out a winner, while the passive spectator is often the loser. You can decide how you will get your needs met and work in cooperation with others to accomplish what is wanted. You can let others know how you wish to be treated and what you will and will not accept. Only you can set boundaries for yourself.

Learning to respond differently may not happen overnight. You can begin by being more aware of how you are reacting to various people and events. You can try different responses until you find the ones that work for you. With practice, your heightened sense of awareness, coupled with your power of choice, will help you establish new behaviors and create wellness.

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