The Four Aspects of You

The Four Aspects of You

In order to create wellness, every aspect of yourself must have its needs met and must work in harmony. Each aspect of yourself must work in accord to achieve overall health and each part needs your attention and care to perform at its best. The four aspects of yourself are as follows:

  • The Physical you (your body) – This is your tangible structure. This includes the five senses, which enables you to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the world around you. The physical you requires good nutrition, appropriate weight, beneficial exercise and adequate rest.
  • The Emotional you (your feelings) – This is your range of emotions from fear and anger to love and joy. The emotional you needs to give and receive forgiveness, love and compassion. The emotional you needs to laugh and experience happiness as well as joyful relationships with yourself and others.
  • The Mental you (your thoughts) – This is your knowledge, attitudes and beliefs; your analytical self. The mental you needs self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts and viewpoints and a positive self-image.
  • The Spiritual you (your spirit) – This is your relationship with yourself, your creativity, your life purpose, and your relationship with a Higher Power. The spiritual you requires inner calmness, openness to your creativity and a trust in your inner knowing.

All of these aspects work together to make you a whole person. What happens to one aspect can affect all the other aspects. In order to create wellness you must expand your focus beyond mere physical health and strive to balance and integrate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. These aspects of yourself must be in balance for optimal well-being.

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