Road To Recovery

Road To Recovery

For five years no one could figure out what was going on with my body.  I suffered from anxiety all day and night, depression, fear, not wanting to work, muscles twitching all the time.  “What was going on?”

My father was at his doctor’s office waiting to be seen and just started speaking to the lady sitting next to him.  He told her all about my symptoms and she told my dad that her son had the same symptoms and that he should have my blood tested for mercury poisoning.

Sure enough, my mercury levels came back in the toxic range!  After waiting 6 hours in the emergency room of a renowned, prestigious hospital, we were told they could not treat me because they did not know enough about mercury poisoning.

My wife began asking around about my condition and came upon a woman who recommended Utopia Wellness.Don’t confuse this wellness clinic with just any doctor’s office.  I have never been treated so good.  The doctors and nurses are like family.  Hugging on you, cheerful and putting all the patients in front of themselves.

My mercury levels were at a toxic level of 21.  Anything above 10 is considered toxic.  The normal level is between 2 and 3.  After 8 treatments, my mercury levels came down to a 5.My anxiety completely has stopped, my depression has left, all my fears are gone and I am happily back to my job on a full-time basis with no problems.Thank God for Utopia Wellness, Dr. Garcia and all the health workers there, they are precious!

Road to recovery,David Scholz

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