Just Say No To The Flu Vaccine!

Just Say No To The Flu Vaccine!

Vaccine Causes More Harm Than Good

If you have listened to any of the news agencies over the past few weeks, you have no doubtedly heard grim news about this year’s flu, H3N2. More than eighty-five adults and twenty children have died. People are dying because they trust their doctors who insist on flu vaccine.  As a result, they have a weakened ability to adapt to each year’s flu mutation.

The theory behind the flu vaccine is the exposure to vaccine antigens increases the antibody response in the immune system. This theory is flawed in that the influenza viruses are constantly mutating in order to survive. As the virus mutates, it is more capable of overwhelming a person whose immune system has been burdened by all of the additives in the vaccine such as mercury aluminum salts and foreign animal and human cells. When the body is forced to combat these pathogens, it is unprepared to face an attack from a new influenza mutation.

More disturbing is that the CDC estimates this year’s flu vaccine is only 30% effective. Creating a vaccine is a time consuming and arduous process. Moreover, no one knows how the virus will mutate from one year to the next. Each year the FDA meets to determine which strains will go into the vaccine based on recommendations from the World Health Organization. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. And if the virus mutated, the body has no defense at all.

In an interview with CNBC, John Shiver, global head of research and development at Sanofi Pasteur, which produces the bulk of flu vaccines in the U.S. stated: “There’s a lot of good methodology, but it’s not foolproof, so some years are better than others. This year is one of those years where H3N2 is a bit divergent from what’s in the vaccine, so the vaccine is appearing to be less effective overall.”

Safe Alternatives To Prevent The Flu

So what can you do to keep you and your family safe? Exposure to flu vaccine antigens is not the only way to increase antibody response in the human immune system. There are several peer-reviewed studies that prove people have better outcomes and can better prevent disease when their immune system is strong. Vitamins D, vitamin C, Zinc and probiotics are all very effective at strengthening the body’s ability to fend off viruses, regardless of the mutation.

Eating a whole food diet made up of organic raw vegetables, healthy grains and lean proteins can also aid the body’s defenses. Foods such as broccoli, citrus, bell peppers, garlic, ginger and turmeric have been shown in extensive studies to strengthen the immune system in addition to enhancing overall wellness.

If you want to take it another step further, find a holistic medical practitioner that can provide you with therapies to help you detoxify and enhance immunity. Chelation Therapy is a proven method of eliminating heavy metals and free radicals from the blood, tissue and organs. Colon therapy, FAR Infrared Sauna, herbal organ cleanses and lymphatic massage further detoxify the body. Intravenous infusions of vitamins, nutrients and minerals can be administered in higher doses and are able to bypass the digestive tract to allow for maximum absorption. These therapies all work together to keep you healthy and strong and ready to fight off any invaders.

Hopefully now you are armed with valuable information and tools to protect yourself and your family. As a side effect of incorporating these recommendations into your lifestyle, you will be more capable of warding off more serious illness and disease. We can all benefit from that!

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