iVitamin Bar is a Hit!

iVitamin Bar is a Hit!

Optimizing your health is no longer something that you do just at your doctor’s office. More and more these days’ people are taking ownership of their own health outcomes. This forward-thinking movement was evident by the interest and record attendance of like-minded individuals at the iVitamin Bar launch party. The iVitamin buzz that built over the opening brought together old and new friends, family, colleagues, health advocates, and caregivers alike. The excitement and good energy flowed through the entire facility and spilled over into the lobby. The message was clear; the bay area was ready for us!

John Der, an attendee of the launch party who has already enjoyed the benefits of a few of our IVs stated, “This is amazing! I can’t believe what you have to offer here. I am in better shape now in my fifties than when I was in my thirties. My wife and I have made our health a priority. We designate funds towards improving our health, we are worth the investment.”Owners and managers of several area businesses were also in attendance. They commented on the potential preventative benefits of our immune-boosting IVs in terms of lowering employee sick leave incidents. 

Our medical director, Dr. Carlos Garcia, welcomed our guests with an address in which he expounded on the fact that we are accustomed to maintaining our cars in order to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns yet when it comes to our health, we use and abuse our bodies to the breaking point. Our collective pattern is to then run to a physician for a quick fix expecting them to pull out a pill to repair the problem. He challenged the crowd gathered around him to be part of the movement towards preventative measures in addition to lifestyle and dietary changes. When we play an active role in maintaining our wellbeing, we can improve the quality of our lives. It’s time for us to take charge and become more responsible in maintaining our bodies. We’re often so tuned in to listening to medical experts that we lose touch with the most important expert of this whole process, ourselves.

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