Green Tea Meditation

Green Tea Meditation

We have all heard of the great health benefits of drinking green tea but were you aware of the immunity building benefits of meditation? Through meditation, you can increase your health by stimulating your brain to activate your immune system. Meditation creates the perfect environment for the immune system to flourish.

That is why we decided to combine these two super powers in a green tea meditation as a special treat for our campers. This simple yet effective mediation can be done anytime you make yourself a hot cup of delicious, health promoting green tea.This meditation begins with the actual ritual of making the tea. As you are boiling the water, brewing the leaves and then sipping the brew, be mindful and pay close attention to each of your movements.

You will find that during the rest of your day you will feel a little more relaxed, more present in the moment and generally more calm and centered. You might notice that taking the time to enjoy this act enriches all the other activities in your day.Whenever you feel the need to return to this Utopian state of relaxation, just brew yourself a cup of tea and follow this simple green tea meditation.

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