Aromatherapy Oxygen Therapy Now Available at The iVitamin Bar

Aromatherapy Oxygen Therapy Now Available at The iVitamin Bar

The human body is rapidly becoming oxygen-deprived. We have become a society of shallow breathers. When we are anxious and stressed our breath follows suit. Our muscles become tense which causes our breathing to become constricted. Factor in our sedentary lifestyles and shallow breathing becomes a lifestyle habit.

Research has shown that this habit of shallow breathing affects us in many ways. Some of these effects are immediate such as dizziness, loss of concentration, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, and fatigue. Some of these effects have long-term ramifications such as the build-up of toxins, sleep disorders, and reduced function of the lungs and immune system.

Ninety percent of all our biological energy comes from oxygen. It is the essential element that the human body needs to thrive. Our shallow breathing habits are leading us to premature aging and reduced vitality, aromatherapy. The good news is that it is possible to reverse these effects! Just becoming aware of your breathing throughout the day will help you to make immediate changes.

Focusing on your breathing can have a significant impact on your stress level and can create physical changes such as lowering your blood pressure. You can also try practicing deep abdominal breathing techniques and periodically check yourself for muscle tension. Another alternative is the additional intake of oxygen.

Oxygen starvation has become so prevalent that oxygen bars have become a popular hot spot. The oxygen used in oxygen bars is between 90% and 92% allowing 4 to 5 times more oxygen than the average breath. The iVitamin Oxygen Bar at Utopia Wellness offers oxygen with aromatherapy such as calming lavender and vanilla, uplifting peppermint and wintergreen, and invigorating mountain berry which can be purchased for $1.00 per minute.

Visit www.TheiVitaminBar.com to see what other new offerings are now available at Utopia Wellness.These sessions of scented oxygen can boost energy levels, increase endurance during exercise, help you bounce back more quickly from physical exertion, provide relief from stress and pollution, enhance concentration, relax the body and ease headaches and hangovers.

So when you find yourself feeling anxious and tense and your breathing is short and labored simply surround yourself in a relaxing and positive environment and just breathe.

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