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Nutritional Counseling for Cancer

nutritional counseling for cancer

Until just a few generations ago, our ancestors were wonderfully fit and healthy
compared with present-day generations. The majority lived good, active, healthy lives
and ultimately died peacefully in their sleep. Today that is a rarity.

Chronic disease, chronic pain, cancer, and prolonged end-of- life care were rare for our
ancestors. Today, however, it is becoming much more the expected outcome for us.
What single difference between these two centuries impacts our bodies the strongest?
The overwhelming difference in our lives is the refined, processed, chemical-laden
foods that we eat. In order to achieve and maintain a cancer free life, it is necessary to
make some dietary changes.

What you don’t eat is just as important as what you do eat. A good diet will not only
benefit the non-cancerous cells it can also “starve” the cancer cells. A bad diet, on the
other hand, can actually “feed” the cancer cells. An unhealthy diet is a major
contributing factor to almost all chronic diseases including cancer. By eating high
alkaline, organic whole foods, you can give your body and immune system the tools
necessary to heal. When body tissues have a high alkaline level, they are better able to
hold on to more oxygen as compared to tissues with a high acid level. An acidic body is
an ideal host for yeasts, fungi and parasites. An alkaline body on the other hand, may
reduce inflammation which has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and offer
protection from high cholesterol, hypertension and stroke.

A quick and effective way of raising the body’s alkalinity is by juicing. By juicing various
nutritious fruits and vegetables, you receive rapid absorption of the nutrients and they
retain most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that would be found in their
whole version.

A healthy gut is the key to a well-nourished body. As your first line of defense against
disease, the digestive system houses up to 80% of immune system cells. When
functioning optimally, digestive enzymes breakdown large food molecules into smaller
units that can be absorbed by the blood and into cells so the body is properly nourished.
Sugar disrupts the delicate balance of gut bacteria, which promotes digestive issues
and inflammation in the gut.

Proper hydration is also necessary to optimize the creation of new blood cells and bone
cells. Also, water naturally helps to remove toxins through the lymphatic system,
intestines and kidneys. Another way of eliminating toxins and supporting your liver can
be as simple as adding certain foods that assists the liver’s detoxification process.

This is why nutritional counseling for cancer is such an important facet of the Intensive
Medical Program for Cancer. Our certified holistic nutritionist assists the patients in
understanding the unique cancer dietary protocol. She can help you create an
individualized nutrition plan that will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle to manage many
types of other chronic conditions such as obesity, candida, high cholesterol and high
blood sugar.

At Utopia Wellness, your treatment plan will vary based on your individualized needs and could include:


The Intensive Medical Program at Utopia Wellness focuses not only on the disease, but also on the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking for a non-toxic alternative that treats you holistically, Utopia Wellness is the facility you are looking for. Call us today at 727-799-9060. Our Patient Care Coordinator is waiting to tell you more about our innovative approach and schedule your free initial consultation.

*Disclaimer:  Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors and these results should not be expected or anticipated. Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your physician or healthcare provider. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.






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