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You are invited to an open house

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You are invited to an open house

Utopia Wellness and Carlos Garcia, MD are excited to announce the launch of their new iVitamin Bar. They would like to invite you to an Open House and Launch Party on Thursday, September 10 between 6-8pm to celebrate this exciting new paradigm in integrative and functional medicine. The iVitamin Bar offers vitamin rich therapies delivered intravenously for maximum absorption and benefit. The setting is hip, social and therapeutic where you can enjoy your drip while surfing the internet on a complementary iPad, relax in a massage chair and enjoy aromatherapy oxygen.  The treatments include the Myer’s Cocktail, detoxifying Royal Flush, Fountain of Youth for Anti-Aging, Game Day for energy and stamina, Immune Booster , Fat Burner and an Alkaline Drip to fend off disease. They also offer a Glutathione injection that improves the function of other anti-oxidants. These therapies are fast, painless, affordable, and provide rapid and lasting results. Most importantly, you do not need extensive lab work and the consultation is brief and free. So whether you are looking for added energy or a competitive edge, there is a drip designed for you. Call (727)799-9060 to schedule your visit to the iVitamin Bar or visit www.TheiVitaminBar.com to learn more.

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