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It’s Surname is Cancer

November 27th, 2014 by Admin in advice, Information

An interesting concept was brought up by one of the campers this week during Doc’s lecture.  “Do we all have the same problem?”   Doc’s answer was a resounding, “yes!”  “The faces, names and locations might be different but the problem is identical.  The number one problem is that you do not put yourselves first!”  That brought about another question from one of the campers, “Doesn’t that make us selfish if we put ourselves first?”  Doc explained that you can only be selfish if you exclude others and care only about yourself and no one else.

Doc gave an example of getting into a life boat. If you get in first then you can help others get in from a position of leverage.  If you stay in the water and try to help others in by pushing them up into the boat, then you are pushing yourself under the water.

Doc then gave an example of how it was possible for all of them to have the same issue. Families have a hereditary name common to all members of a family such as Smith or Jones.  These family members share the same surname as well as the same genetic code.

Doc went on to say, “in your case, this common thread has a surname, and it’s surname is cancer.  Whether it is lung, liver, bladder, stomach, prostate or breast, it’s last name is cancer.  This makes you all related with the same genetic code. The genetic similarity is ignoring yourselves, not loving yourselves, making others more valuable than yourselves, not believing in yourselves, not having faith in yourselves.” 

We were fortunate to have some returning campers here on maintenance for this lecture.  These returning campers come from all over the globe yet they are the same. They understood the message of placing themselves first, loving themselves, believing in themselves, valuing themselves and applied it to their lives. Doc invited the current campers to converse with them. Doc encouraged the campers to accept this concept so that they could navigate the footsteps of others before them that succeeded to become cancer free.


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