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February 27th, 2015 by Admin in advice

Have you ever aspired to be a superhero? Doc asked the campers to name who their favorite superhero was and what would they have their superhero change about their lives. We know all the popular ones likes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but have you ever heard of Mrs. Noah, Rosalind Goforth and Uncle Pete? Our campers had their own ideas of who their superheroes are and what it is about them that they aspire to in their own lives.

Let’s take Mrs. Noah for example. One camper felt that Mrs. Noah, from the bible story Noah’s Ark, was her superhero. She felt that Mrs. Noah was the very definition of patience and grace. Mrs. Noah stood by her husband’s side while it took 120 years to build an ark for a flood that everyone else thought was a crazy notion. Our camper aspires to have what she feels are Mrs. Noah’s superhero qualities of acceptance, faith and the ability to make right choices. She would have Mrs. Noah give her the ability to “stay afloat”.

Another camper saw himself in the superhero, Ironman. He saw Ironman as a superhero who as Tony Stark, a regular guy, aside from being a little arrogant, has no fear of speaking his mind. Ironman does have one weakness, his heart, but he found a solution by creating a nuclear charged heart. Ironman is always at the point of losing his life yet he faces it with strength, stamina and finding solutions to his dilemmas. He is just as confident when living his life as Tony Stark as he is when he transforms himself into his alter ego, Ironman. This camper compared his own “weakness”, his cancer, to that of Ironman’s heart. He would have Ironman give him the super powers of confidence and solution finding abilities. Our camper admires the fact that Ironman does not have to bite his tongue nor does he indulge in pity parties. He feels that Ironman’s weakness does not stop him from living his life and he gets to fight off bad guys while he is at it!

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