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Coronavirus – A Proactive Approach

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Coronavirus – A Proactive Approach

by:  Carlos M. Garcia, M.D.

I have chosen to avoid speaking of the origins of the coronavirus. Mainly because it already exists and is something we have to address regardless of it’s origin. This same narrative can be applied to the H1N1 virus of 2009 and the “yearly” flu. First and foremost, let me remind everyone that there is no cure for these viruses. Drugs, medications, procedures and technology are also unable to cure. So how do we rid ourselves from a viral infection? We do so through our immune system. The stronger your immune system, the quicker you will heal. This is why some people are susceptible to coronavirus and recuperate, while other people die and yet another subset never gets ill.

First and foremost, viruses are not, let me repeat, are not affected by antibiotics. Any practitioner who prescribes antibiotics for a virus, is in my opinion, incompetent.  All that antibiotic consumption will do is facilitate getting a Candida infection.  This will further compromise your lungs and immune system.

What role do vaccines play in prevention of coronavirus?

I have heard recent news about the formulation of a vaccine for the coronavirus COVID-19. The purpose of the vaccine is to stimulate our immune system into making anti-bodies against coronavirus COVID-19 so we are prepared to fight it should we be exposed to it.  If you’re vaccinated against something else, say polio, then your body is stimulated to make anti-bodies against polio. Thus, if you know that the coronavirus is going to be around in the future, then immunization is a very good option to stimulate the immune response against it. Keep in mind, the coronavirus vaccine does not affect your immune response to other viruses. So as you can see vaccines are highly specific, or in this case, viral strain specific. For instance, should the coronavirus COVID-19 mutate, any vaccine created from the current strain will be ineffective against the new strain. Each virus requires its own individualized vaccine for optimal results.

So what can I do to protect myself against coronavirus today?

In the meantime, what can you do protect yourself from the coronavirus, or recover should contract it. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine tends to ignore prevention, outside of a future vaccine, washing your hands, avoid touching your face, and social distancing. These may help you avoid contracting the virus but if these measures are unsuccessful, then how do you heal from it?  I would like to share with you what I am personally doing right now to protect myself.  Let me remind you that this document is not intended to be medical advice.  I recommend that before you try anything that you read in this document, which you may consider useful for yourself, that you consult your personal medical practitioner.

Fortify your immune system is key

I use several methods that help build my immune system.  First, I take daily supplements that include vitamin C, zinc lozenges and vitamin D3.  These are my go to preventative and interventional supplements. I also add additional high doses of vitamin C though intravenous injection. This delivery method allows for maximum dosing and absorption. I also have devised a compilation of non-pharmaceutical ingredients, which when nebulized (vaporized and inhaled), results in the expectoration of pulmonary particulates. The main reason people cough with an respiratory illness is to expel these particulates from their lungs.

My regimen for prevention also includes colonic irrigation. This therapy is ignored and maligned by practitioners who have never explored its benefits, let alone tried it. Remember, the transverse colon is the part of our body that makes our lymphatic fluid, an essential component in a healthy immune system. As a matter of fact, up to 70% of the body’s immune system resides in the walls of the colon. As decayed fecal matter is washed out of your large intestine, you immediately gain a better environment to grow good intestinal flora.

Clinically, this three-prong approach of detoxification, immune fortifying IVs and expectoration, have provided me and my patients with dramatic symptomatic relief and a shortening of the disease process. Additionally, addressing dietary changes, such as eating nutritionally dense foods such as bone broth, and healthy fats, i.e. avocados, aids in maintaining a fortified immune response.  Does it work for everyone, no, but nothing does. Remember, no matter how hard mainstream medicine attempts to mechanize medicine and its delivery through rigid protocols, the one fact which never changes is that we are all unique and different. What works for one, does not work for another. Medicine is a wonderful art, which as long as we remain human can never become a science. For additional tips on boosting your immune system, read one of our previous blogs Boost Your Immune System.

Spinal allignment to aid in immune enhancement

Another overlooked component of a strong immune system is the skeletal alignment of our top two vertebra, cervical 1 and cervical 2 also known as the atlas and axis. This is crucial in maintaining a competent autonomic nervous system, which is crucial in innumerable body functions such as our heart, stomach, kidneys, large intestine, etc. Only ignorant medical practitioners perpetuate the myth that chiropractic medicine is a lesser form of medicine. Remember no one branch of medicine has all the remedies, be it chiropractic, mainstream, allopathic, herbology, Ayurvedic, acupuncture, holistic, alternative nor other medical disciplines. However, it is the practitioner who integrates as many of these disciplines in an attempt to resolve a patient’s issues that has the best results, usually with the least side effects.

A low-grade fever is not a bad thing

Finally, I would like to address fever. All viruses like lower body temperatures meaning less than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. As your body temperature elevates, fever provides a hostile environment for viruses. Fever is very misunderstood by mainstream medicine. Fever is one of the body’s defense mechanisms. I tell my patients to keep track of fevers, however not to treat until it reaches 104°F. The human proteins denature, or melt at 112°F.  Many people panic because their only reference to temperature is cooking. Your comfort zone is cooking, i.e. boiling fluids, water, soup, etc. and in these environments, temperature rises quickly. Yes, fluids on the kitchen stove heat up quickly, however, the human body has extensive checks and balances, which negates this effect. Having practiced anesthesia, I can also tell you that there is an extremely rare condition called malignant hyperthermia, which I am sure some will bring up to negate what I just wrote. Remember, I am not providing the reader with medical advice.

Where can I find a doctor who can help me prevent or treat coronavirus?

When seeking a primary care physician, look for a doctor that addresses disease from multiple angles and with multiple modalities. The more diverse the practitioner’s counsel with respect to treatment options, the better the treatment outcome. Practitioners who limit their treatment choices for patients to just pharmaceuticals, limits the patient’s remedy scope. There are numerous natural options available to treat much of what affects our health with little to no adverse reactions.  A practitioner that recognizes and respects the body’s innate ability to heal will look to provide the body with the tools so it can do what it is so beautifully designed to do…heal!  I am more than ready to help you during this pandemic, however, if you are not local to Utopia Wellness in Oldsmar, FL, you can find doctors with a similar philosophy at ACAM.org (American College for the Advancement of Medicine).  Wishing you the best of health and healing!



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