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Former Utopia Wellness Patient

Former Bladder Cancer Patient

We were Mark’s third stop.  He had been to a urologist and a major cancer treatment center prior to coming to Utopia. Mark had received a diagnosis of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer with a poor prognosis.  Physicians made recommendations such as injecting a strain of tuberculosis directly into the bladder and the surgical removal of the bladder together with building a new bladder from a piece of the small intestine. Having been a graduate from a school of natural medicine many years ago, these options did not sit well with him.  

Mark has returned on lecture day to share his experience with the other campers.  He came here to tell them that after receiving seven weeks of treatment at Utopia, he returned to his primary care physician and his urologist who performed a CT scan, CEA blood analysis and a bladder cystoscopy which were all found to be negative for cancer.  

In his inspiring message to the campers, he stated to them, “I am here to tell you that you did the right thing by trusting yourself and finding your way here to Utopia. Dr. Garcia and I did not always see eye to eye but I finally got the message! You each have the power to get well, believe that! Of course there are the mechanics of it such as the IVs and diet but it is the mindset that will get you there. Listen to Dr. Garcia when he tells you that you have control over your environment. Listen to him when he tells you that you cannot choose for others. Listen to him when he tells you to write. Writing brings out your patterns. Then reread what you have written, this unveils the pearls which will help you discover how to get well. You have choices. Choose laughter and enjoyment. This is a lifelong journey.”

He came here as a former bladder cancer patient with a story of hope.


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